Sedation Dentistry

IV and Oral Conscious Sedation

Relax, you're in great hands!

Nearly 50% of the population feels nervous or uncomfortable about going to the dentist or having dental procedures done.

Drs. Pappert & Kirk understand the importance of helping patients feel relaxed and comfortable during dental procedures. If you feel that sedation is necessary for your dental care, give us a call to learn more about our sedation dentistry. We provide a nonjudgmental, comforting environment.

We offer IV and oral conscious sedation. Drs. Pappert & Kirk will partner wih you to determine the type of sedation that best fits your needs.

Safety of Sedation
The reason that we use sedation is because of its safety. We use monitoring equipment to monitor your pulse, blood pressure, and other vital signs. Drs. Pappert & Kirk are trained and licensed to perform sedation dentistry. Together they have over 20 years of experience.

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