Fresh Breath

Bad Breath is experienced by all of us at some time or another, including dentists. Bad Breath can hamper a person's professional and personal life. Patients have reported being passed over for job promotions as well as hindered social lives due to malodor.

Patients often try to remove the odors by using strong mouth rinses, gums and mints. These will only mask the odor temporary and can make it worse in the long run by drying out the mouth. Drs. Steiner, Pappert & Kirk understand that Halitosis must be eliminated at the cellular level where the overgrowth of bacteria takes place. This bacteria produces the sulfur gases we smell.

Drs. Steiner, Pappert & Kirk are one of the few offices that use the Halimeter Device. The Halimeter scientifically measures the amount of sulfur compounds in the mouth which in turn allows the doctors to determine a customized treatment plan for each individual. In fact, Dr. Steiner was the first in Charlotte to open The Fresh Breath Clinic.


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