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All dental appointments are anxiety producing for me. My experience with Dr. Steiner and his team have always proven to be quite positive. The staff is warm, attentive, reassuring, and really care about my dental care and physical well-being. My insurance benefits are minimal but I keep coming back because of the excellent care provided…the fact that I keep paying privately for needed dental care is a testimony within itself.
~ C. M.

I have been a patient since I was 21 and I am now 56. Dr. Steiner has been instrumental in helping me maintain my dental health and continues to do that even now. The whole team is very warm and welcoming when I arrive at the office. They always remember to ask about my family members and are happy to share with our family when we have milestone, new births, etc.
~ Ronald Buhr

I feel very comfortable and confident with Dr. Steiner and his team as they are so proactive in regard to my oral and dental health. My experiences are always pain free and the staff is always so friendly, courteous, and accommodating. They stay on the cutting edge of dental technology and provide me with total confidence that my dental well-being is in the best possible hands.
~ Greg McKenzie

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of me this year. I so appreciate your skills and expertise, your patience when I was "losing it," and your willingness to literally hold onto me at times to get through it. Most of all, I appreciate your understanding; empathy, and just plain caring.
~ K.F.

They have gentle, friendly, and compassionate staff of highest professional quality. Everything in the office is state of the art. The staff is obviously well-hired and well trained. The doctor (specifically Dr. Steiner) goes to any length to keep me comfortable and pain-free and gives a shot that is almost indiscernible. I respect this doctor for his medical expertise and his business sense in developing this… best in the business.
~ Claire Stephens

Friendly staff, caring doctors, and an honest approach help make getting serious dental work less scary.
~ Nancy Mazzucco

They make me feel welcome. They have good chair side manner. It's nice to be around pleasant people in today's world. The location is good for me. They do fine work and I would recommend them highly. There are five senses: touch, taste, hear, see, and smell. Also two very important others…... And sense of humor.
~ M.M.

They always make sure I'm comfortable and take into consideration my sensitive teeth. I've experienced everything from routine cleanings, root canals, and dental implants. It's all been handled with A+ care!
~ S. N.

She is very friendly and very professional in everything that she does and only treats what is necessary to be done. She follows up with her hygienist and examines and explains everything she found. She has very competent assistants, especially Johnnie who knows exactly what has to be done. We have been patients of Dr. Pappert's for about 15 years and would not consider ever changing dentists!
~ B.P.